Researchers from the University Institute of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources (i-UNAT) in collaboration with members of the company AIRDRONE3D and within the framework of the ADAPTaRES Project - "Efficient use of water and its reuse for adaptation to climate change in Macaronesia", participated in several flights with a multispectral camera over the experimental plots located in the ETARs of Santa Cruz and Santa Catarina on the island of Santiago (Cape Verde).


The lecturer D. José Juan Santana Rodríguez gave an invited lecture at Comenius University - Bratislava - Eslovaquia

Conference-seminar given by Prof. José Juan Santana Rodríguez at Comenius University - Bratislava - Slovakia, entitled Micropollutants in the environment: some case studies.

The large eruption in the last 5,000 years ocurred Cerro Blanco in the Central Andes

-A team of Spanish and Argentine researchers has determined the unique origin of the large ash deposits that covered a large area of northwestern Argentina.

-The eruption, which occurred 4,200 years ago, is comparable in volume of material expelled to that of the island of Santorini (around 1616-1639 B.C.), origin for many authors of the myth of Atlantis and destroyer of the Minoan civilization on the neighbouring island of Crete.


From the GEOVOL Division that belongs to the University Instituto of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources, there will be a free excursion on Saturday 11 May 2019. 

The next 25th-28th of March will take place at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the Environmental Conference organized by i-UNAT. 



DECEMBER 2018. The lecturer D. José Juan Santana-Rodríguez gave an invited lecture on The International Conference On Water: From Pollution To Purification

The International Conference was held in Kottayam, India from 7 to 10 December 2018.

NOVEMBER 2018. GEOVOL division researchers complited the first detailed map of the Holocene volcanism of Gran Canaria

The work presents the first detailed map of the Holocene eruptions of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) and was published in Journal of Map


JULY 2018. The Dr. Rayco Guedes Alonso gave the lecture in the XVIII International Symposium in Luminescence Spectrometry

The Dr. Rayco Guedes Alonso, a member of the AQMA division, gave the lecture "Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection as a powerful analytical tool for the analysis of oestrogens in wastewaters"